Alsa Air Ambulance

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Mr. Sandeep                       +91-9911700900
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About US

Where do you turn for help when you or a family member requires serious medical attention and the best care might be hundreds or even thousands of miles away?
How will you get there?

Who will look after your medical needs during transportation? And most importantly, who will place your safety above all else?
Fortunately there are answers to all these questions... because wherever you are, help will always come to you... ALSA.
ALSA is a comprehensive ambulance service dedicated to delivering patients to the best medical care anywhere in the world. Air ambulances combine the latest in private jet or turbo-prop aircraft, high-tech medical equipment and specially trained airborne medical teams.

What makes us the best choice

The high quality service provided by us just by attitude, the directional use of our experience with dedication, maintenance of modern standards, uncompromised provision of the best service to the patients, economist and an extra ordinarily short response time separates us from the rest and raises our bar of standards above all.

ALSA - Doctors Compatibility

All the facilities provided are upgraded by our doctors to maintain compatibility with even changing needs and standards. The accompanying doctors are qualified in emergency medicine from reputed universities across the globe and have long term experience in transport medicine; road and air ambulance. The doctors, who accompany critically ill patient, are all with at least 5 years experience in intensive care, or with MD medicine or MD anesthesia. Our doctors have privileged many hospitals like Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, MaharajaAgarsen Hospital, Delhi Heart and Lug Institute and many more by their tireless and efficient services.