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Air Ambulance Services in India

ALSA provides world class emergency medical services for transfer of critically ill patients from one place to another (national or international) along with highly experienced staff and doctors by air and saves precious time in charter aircrafts, commercial flights and helicopters. These services are provided to the patients requiring medical help at distant places from the cities having all facilities or who need specialized services. Different kinds of aircrafts available depending upon the need and distance for transfer of patients. These kinds of transfers can only be provided at the cities, where the airport is available. Only helicopters can be used for the places where airport is not available and patients can be transferred within a distance of about 300 kms of destination. The time of transfers can only be decided depending upon the weather conditions, airport timings and availability of aircrafts. A Doctor and a nurse accompany the patient from "bedside to bedside" throughout the transfer.

All these aircrafts are fully equipped according to meet the needs of the patient, and we are committed to providing the highest standards of excellence. All aircraft are licensed as air ambulance vehicles, are pressurized, and are easily configured with a state-of-the-art stretcher system with oxygen cylinders, suction machine and inverter. We provide an ICU environment in the aircraft itself with ventilator, cardiac monitoring, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, IV infusion pumps, pulse oxymeter, defibrillator, all sorts of emergency medications and pacing capabilities along with specialized team of doctor and medical personal, experienced in handling any kind of medical emergencies and advanced airway management.

Only 2 attendants are allowed apart from the patient in these aircrafts. A total of 4 passengers are allowed apart from patient; out of which one doctor and a technician/ medical personal, two attendants and a patient are allowed in these aircrafts.

Air Ambulance in Commercial planes

Our air medical ambulance services caters to those individuals who require medical assistant while traveling, whether it is as a stretcher case on life support system or as an escort for those disabled and/ or unable to tend for themselves during their flight back home. Any person requiring any form of medical assistant for critical or non-critical care transport may use these services. There are different kinds of air ambulance, which are being done in different way, which are as follows:

Air ambulance in Helicopters/ Choppers

These services can be used to transfer a patient from a short distance of destination (up to 200 kms.)/ Non-availability of an airport/ immediate requirement of specialized medical care. The total numbers of seats are less in these helicopters. Moreover the total number of attendants is decided as per the total on board weight.

Rules/ protocols and polices during air escort

> Every patient who is to be transferred in a chartered aircraft with ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) facility is critically ill and the doctor on board is capable of handling any kind of emergencies.

> Any kind of mishappenings including death may occur during transfer of a critically ill patient, which has already been explained to the attendants.

> In case of death, a certificate of death during transportation can be issued to the relatives by the doctor on board. In case of MLC cases, the body will be handed over to the concerned police department only. No compensation of death during air medical escort will be given to the patient/ attendants.

> The MLC/ MLR number will be produced by the attendants only at any hospital, where it is asked.

> All the medical records, including discharge summary and investigation reports, will be handed over to the attending doctor of the hospital, where the patient is being transferred.

> In case of any transmitted disease of the patient (like HIV/ open Koch’s/ swine flu/ viral hepatitis B or C), it will be disclosed to the treating doctor, but may not to the attendant.

> The treatment in an air ambulance is only an emergency measure and does not match the full in-hospital treatment.

> All the payments of air transfers/ transportation will be made before departure from one place to another.

> The charges of medications/ consumables, which will be used for the patient during transfer, will be charged extra.

> A bill of the payments made by the attendants should be asked and preserved for further references.

> Attendants and relatives are free to ask about the present general condition of the patient to the doctor. They are also free to ask about the medications and procedures, which are being carried out on the patient for better results. They can also refuse for treatment in the air ambulance after signing the ‘refusal form for consent of treatment’ which is available.

> The aircraft may land in between for refueling.

> The route of the aircraft can be changed due to different weather conditions. Safety of everybody on board is necessary. Critically ill patient is being managed by the doctor in the ambulance.

> If the total flying time increases due to any inevitable circumstances, will be charged extra to the relatives.

> Each and everybody on board is working for the benefit and for better results of the patient, kindly do not use any rude/ abusive language during air ambulance.

> Smoking and drinking (alcohol) is prohibited any time in the air ambulance during transport.

> The doctor may use emergency drugs, sedatives, anti-arrhythmic medications and may carry out any emergency procedure if needed, according to the clinical condition of the patient, during transportation; i.e. airway intubation and mechanical ventilator initiation, CVP line insertion, temporary pacemaker insertion, D.C. cardio-version, use of external pacemaker and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. All this is being done with the consent of the relatives and attendants for betterment of the patient.

> In case of any accident during transportation, the patient’s safety is the prime motto, then of the other on board members. Everybody should participate equally in such conditions.

> The air ambulance will not disobey any kind of air traffic/ government rules at any circumstances.

> The patient will be transferred in an air ambulance to the adjoining nearest airport and then in a local road ambulance with the complete medical team to the appropriate hospital. The charges of road ambulance services will be charged extra to the patient/ attendants.

> In case of delays due to any reasons, the medical team and the crew members may stay back at the city of destination. The patient’s relatives are supposed to give them proper guidance, security and place to stay back.

> In case, the patient expires/ general medical condition deteorates/ unable to be transferred or the decision of transfer changes, before reaching our medical team to the hospital, the full charges will be charged.

> The air ambulance will take off from one place to another depending upon the air traffic rules, clearance from other side, weather conditions, and availability of airport staff during evening and night hours etc.

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