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Bokaro City

Bokaro Steel City is a city in Jharkhand and one of the most important industrial cities in the Eastern Region. Population of the City Urban area is more than 1,000,000 with area above than 200 The city is very well planned and systematic, with wide 4/6 lane roads across the city, a good sewage system , 24 hour electricity supply and the greenest environment in the region. Bokaro is famous for its Steel Plant which is the biggest in Asia as well as for its quality educational system.Besides, it is also a popular tourist destination for people from Eastern Region and also foreigners.

Airport Information **
(** The Content Provided here is only for Information purposes, Please check Airport Website for Most Updated & Recent Information)

Bokaro Airport (ICAO: VEBK) is a private airport located in Bokaro Steel City, in the state of Jharkhand, India. It is situated on National Highway-23 (Also known as the Bokaro-Chas road). There are no scheduled flights into this airport. Air Deccan had tried to launch its flights between Bokaro and Kolkata in 2010. A team of Air Deccan officials visited Bokaro, surveyed the market potential and assessed the airport.However the services did not materialise. The airstrip is only used by aircraft of the Bokaro Steel Plant and those of visiting VIPs.

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